Honoree: “495HR”, Hard Rock Electric Rope (Loading) Shovel

Presented By: SMIM Board for special recognition

The 495HR mining shovel ushered in a new era of rope shovel technology. With speed and efficiency the 495 is capable of three or four pass loading the largest haul trucks.

  • 110 ton (100 tonne) capacity. (Available payloads up to 120 ton)
  • 4 pass load – 400 ton (363 tonne) haul trucks.
  • Rapid shovel positioning.
  • Ease of maintenance.
  • Exceptional reliability.
  • Optimum swing speed and cycle time.
  • Largest drums in the industry for increased rope life.
  • Tubular handle provides reduced handle stress associated with torsional loads.
  • Patented automated crowd rope take-up system reduces maintenance preparation and downtime while enhancing maintenance safety.
  • Deck-mounted rope crowd removes crowd weight from boom for improved swing time and easier maintenance.
  • Optimized front-end geometry for maximum payload, productivity and dumping height.
  • Bucyrus designs dippers with optimized geometry for easier bank penetration and reduced drag. the FastFil design incorporates slanted rear corners to eliminate voids for 100% or more fill factors.
  • Increased bail pull.
  • AC – IGBT electrics are fuseless. Regenerates to line. No UPS required.
  • Simplified motor maintenance. No brush or commutator maintenance. No flashover. Lower rewind costs.